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Power Generation

High performance solutions for challenging energy applications.

Power Generation Gas Turbines

Moog is widely recognized as the category leader for OEMs and end-users seeking both reliability and high performance electronic and hydraulic solutions for gas turbine controls. From inlet guide vanes, gaseous and liquid fuel controls, process controls and bleed valve control to fuel metering pumps, our custom solutions are built for long-life performance and efficiency.

Power Generation Steam Turbines

When it comes to reliability, Moog provides critical steam turbine control components for all system sizes with the latest in enhanced precision technology. Our technology is recognized as the choice for customers wanting both reliability and high performance for their critical power generation applications.

Power Generation Wind Turbines

Moog offers the reliable solutions needed by wind turbine manufacturers and operators.  Our slip rings with a lifetime of 1 million revolutions is an example of our proven solutions uniquely adapted to the needs of the wind market.