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Automotive Test

Deliver precision, reliability, and flexibility with our test controllers, multi-axis test systems, X-Poster, tables, servo valves and more. 

Increase your Automotive Test Lab Productivity

React faster to market changes by removing product development boundaries. Validate and launch new designs faster. Conduct more cost-effective testing.

Test Systems

Simulation Tables

Hydraulic and Electric Moog Simulation Tables simulate acceleration and displacement outputs reproducing key data collected on proving grounds. Our integrated control hardware and software provides the most flexible, highest performing test equipment available.

Multi-Axis Test Systems

Compact Electric and Hydraulic Multi-Axis Test Systems deliver highly reliable solutions to a variety of applications, ensuring high level of reliability, flexibility and accuracy in demanding environments.

4-Poster Test Rigs

With a variety of posts offered Moog test rigs can be used with body in white and full vehicles to perform validation, durability, buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR), and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing.

Test Products


Key to high performance and more reliable test solutions with these application specific and dependable actuators.

Test Controllers and Software

Reliable, configurable controller and integrated software for precise control of your tests with your bottom line in mind. Learn more about the Trade-in Program and see below.

Service Manifolds

Provides on/off isolation control to your test system or individual hydraulic actuator. Also provides additional filtration and has accumulators for removing pressure and flow fluctuation and storing energy.

Automotive Testing Overview