Modular Die Cushion System

Moog’s modular die cushion system consists of a main cylinder with an integrated position measuring system, accumulators, a hydraulic power unit and several manifolds. It also features software libraries and the control unit’s hardware components.

The die cushion manifold is flanged directly to the cylinder, and is connected to the main hydraulic accumulators via a separate adapter manifold. This design provides a compact, rigid hydraulic system that enables highly dynamic control. The control unit is implemented with the system using separate hardware and software modules.The software of the modular die cushion system can reduce force overshoots, and realize customer-specific force profiles in the drawing process with a high level of accuracy.

Product Features

  • Easy configuration based on a defined number of modules
  • Easy maintenance due to a good accessibility to the main components
  • Possibility of using analog or digital valves
  • Rapid instatllation of the system at lower cost.
  • Reduced start-up and commissioning time due to pretested modules before delivery

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Discover our Modular Die Cushion, an innovative motion control solutions for Metal Forming Machinery and Presses.

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