Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit

The Moog Electrohydrostatic Pump Unit (EPU) is at the heart of electrohydrostatic actuation and helps enable the deployment of a decentralized drive system. This eliminates the need for a hydraulic power unit and complex piping and helps reducing the overall machine footprint. The compact product design features a unique interface that enables direct mounting on to a cylinder,  thereby minimizing the requirement of additional space on each axis.

Product Features

  • High energy efficiency reduces operating costs
  • Environmental cleanliness lowers maintenance & operating costs, risk of fire 
  • High-force capability provides a viable alternative to EH actuation
  • Unique manifold Interface enables direct mounting reducing piping and maintenance efforts and machine footprint
  • Self-contained and compact product design reduces space requirements for the machine
  • 4-Quadrant operation eliminates the need for a control valve; helps realize close-looped control


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Case Study

New electro-hydrostatic actuation concept for the machine builders boosts energy efficiency and productivity

What is electrohydrostatic actuation?

Hybrid Actuation or Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems describe systems that have both hydraulic and electric technology in a self-contained package. Electrohydrostatic Actuation Systems are options for traditionally hydraulic applications where high force capability is required and energy savings, environmental cleanliness or elimination of piping are needed. Conversely, EAS are options for traditionally electric applications requiring advanced fail-safe systems.