Modular Multi-Axis Servo Drive System (MSD)



Higher performance machines can mean a real advantage in productivity and profitability and Moog's Multi-Axis Servo Drive System is a key enabler in achieving this objective.  This integrated family of products provides the highest levels of dynamic response, smooth performance and application versatility.

This system includes both modular and single-axis servo drive options, a common shared power supply and a motion controller to coordinate the motion across multiple axes.


  • Higher machine productivity - From lowering cycle times in an injection molding machine to increasing feed rates in a metal forming press,this product delivers a significant increase in application performance
  • Improved machine precision - More precise motion control such as smoother movement in flight simulators and higher accuracy and finished part quality in industrial machinery
  • Higher machine flexibility - The modularity of the MSD coupled with the ability to tailor customer-specific solutions provides the perfect flexible platform for different machine types, putting them at the heart of today's leading-edge designs
  • Integrated safety function (per EN 61800-5-2) with Safety PLC available as an option


Current Rating Servo Drives from 2-450 A with options of either the classic AC mains (PSA) connection or a DC feed with a central feeder unit
Size Compact size. Suitable for 300 mm [11.8 in] switch cabinet depth, extremely small housing width, for the best possible switch cabinet usage
Communication Protocols High-speed communication via field bus connection to a wide range of control systems (including EtherCAT, CANopen, Profibus, SERCOS among others)
Feedback Devices Support for simultaneous feedback from 3 encoders ensures precise positioning capability extending from resolver to Sin/Cos single/multi-turn encoders
Safety Built-in functional safety as per EN 61508, EN 62061, EN ISO13849-1, IEC 61800-5-2, personnel safety directly into the drive controller
PLC Functionality Built-in PLC as per IEC61131 provides functions adapted to the application with direct access to the servo drive
Software Tailored software packages with motion control functionality for every application

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New Release

New Programmable Servo Drives from Moog with Integrated Safety Functionality

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