Servo Drives and Electronics

Moog servo drives and electronic products can deliver the highest level of control accuracy, dynamic performance and reliability in both centralized and decentralized configurations. Machine designers are allowed complete freedom to achieve their goals, with space savings and optimized layouts perfectly fitting both traditional cabinets and distributed control architectures. 

Centralized Solutions

Highly efficient, compact cabinet solutions for Single Axis and Multi Axis configurations. our cabinet solutions are among the most compact and space efficient products for a centralized control architecture.

Saving cabinet space allows for a more efficient machine layout, while our perfectly integrated control systems minimize the number of electrical connections needed.

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Decentralized Solutions

Machine-mounted and motor-integrated drives and controls for flexible and adaptive system architectures.

Our decentralized solutions offer an answer to the challenges of the increasing complexity of modern machine designs. The growing needs for efficient and rational layouts, simpler cabling, and for an overall smaller machine footprint, find the perfect answers in our range of out-of-cabinet products.

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Legacy Products

Legacy products refer to Moog's end-of-life offerings that are not to be used for new projects.

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