Understanding your challenges

There is always room to improve your capabilities, develop new methods or systems that will help you redefine performance through adapted solutions. With Moog test systems, you can take your test processes to the next level, maximizing your current system investment.

Our engineers specialize in industries such as defense, automotive and energy. We work with you to understand your requirements and develop the test system you need to complete your programs.

From a wide array of components and test rigs designed for every conceivable test application, you’ll find a Moog solution that’s right for you. This includes concept to reality solutions for component testing, turnkey systems, static and dynamic testing as well as test facilities.

Sensor and Surveillance Systems

Multi-Axis Test Systems

For simple or complex tests, Moog developed a range of products to match your requirements. From software to hardware, every piece of your test set up will deliver the best results.

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Electric Motion Systems

Electric Motion Systems can support a wide range of test and simulation applications. Their engineered design makes them robust and reliable while latest software development gives flexibility to the applications. In the last 20 years, Moog build an impressive track record of applications in various commercial and military markets.

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Test Systems

Automotive Test Systems

Moog is a pioneer in introducing electric-based technologies to the test lab- creating cleaner and power efficient rigs to perform structural and performance testing. In addition, thanks to our experience in simulation and robotics, we’re helping push the limits of human-in-the-loop testing.

Turret Test Systems

Simulate test tracks and test performance of the turret stabilizer, with technology based on a high performance electric motion system with powerful test software.

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Wind Turbine Test Systems

Larger blade sizes, new materials and changing designs make the need for structural testing more critical than ever. Moog applies experience in aircraft testing and expertise in wind power to offer a unique approach to wind blade testing.

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