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Steel Production Machinery

Boosting productivity in steel and iron production machinery.

Iron Production and Steel Production Applications

  • Blast furnace top gas recovery turbine units
  • Electric arc Furnaces
  • Tundish slide gates
  • Ladle level and mold oscillation control of continuous casters
  • Peeler arm position, step control and mandrels in hot steel mill coil and boxes
  • Continuously variable crown (CVC), automatic gauge control (AGC) / hydraulic gap control (HGC) in hot steel mill finishing
  • Roll bending and roll shifting in hot steel mill finishing
  • Coil handling in down coilers
  • Automatic gauge control (AGC) in plate steel mills
  • Bar guides in bar steel mills

We provide on-site testing and commissioning of products and systems for the iron and steel manufacturing market, as well as repairs, retrofits and training.