Cartridge and Servo Cartridge Valves

Cartridge Valves, also known as 2/2-way valves or logic elements, are industrial hydraulic valves used for directional, pressure, check, and flow control. These cartridge valves are a compact design that can be used in hydraulic manifold systems for many types of industrial and mobile machinery. These products are ideal for applications which require high flow rates and leak-free control.

2-way Slip-in Cartridge Valves (CEE, CCE, CHE, RHE, RSE, CSE)

Cartridge Valves mounted in a manifold provide a compact, integrated circuit for simplified machine design and reduced system costs. The cartridge is designed to fit into a cavity and is held in place by a cover.  The cavities conform to the ISO 7368 standard. Moog offers a wide range of 2-way Slip-in Cartridge Valves:

2 and 3-way Servo Cartridge Valves (DSHR, SE3, X700)

Servo Cartridge Valves are used for directional flow control and  designed to be installed in manifold 'slip-in' cavities.  Employing Moog's proven integrated Electric Feedback (EFB) Valve control, they combine high dynamic performance with precise control for hydraulic actuators. They come in two versions: