RKP with Digital Control for High Performance Machines

The Radial Piston Pump (RKP) with Digital Control is an electro-hydraulic version of the RKP with a fieldbus interface. It is the flexile and advanced solution for machine applications requiring high dynamics and reliability such as injection molding and metal forming machinery.

The robust and contamination-resistant design of the RKP Pump is well-established in the market. It is now enhanced with a new Servo- Proportional Pilot Valve with digital on-board electronics for flow and pressure regulation, tuning and diagnostics. The high-performance, flexible microprocessor control system design makes this pump the ideal solution for a variety of pressure and flow-controlled systems.

Benefits and Features

  • Closed-Loop Control: The new pilot valve with digital onboard-electronics provides more dynamics and improved precision control of the basic pump functions (flow and pressure regulations)
  • Analog or Digital Control: The ability to function as a CANopen device or as a traditional analog device ensures compatibility with several PLC structures
  • On-the-Fly Adjustment: Changing the parameters of the pressure controller "on-the-fly" enables optimization of the performance of sequential machine processes with multiple cylinders, a process nearly impossible with traditional pump operations
  • Optimized Multiple Pumps: Optimized multiple pump arrangements in master-slave format now allows users to easily combine multiple servo-pump stages in one common oil volume, while providing superior pressure control
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: Full access to all internal parameters during runtime helps to minimize downtime and enables users to diagnose common faults via Human Machine Interface (HMI) or laptop interface
  • Save Space and Assembly Time: No assembly space inside the cabinet is required due to the design of the Digital Control Pump including onboard-electronics